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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Shelly Cashman Excel 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3: Lab 1 Six-Year Financial Projection Skills Save a workbook with a new name Apply a theme to a worksheet Select all cells in a worksheet Apply bold Enter text in cells Change the font Change font size Create a formula using the NOW function Apply the date number format Modify column width Modify row height Fill a range of cells with a series Center cell contents Italicize text Rotate text Use the Format Painter Add borders Indent cell contents Enter numbers with format…show more content…
Enter the table title Assumptions in cell A22. Enter the assumptions in Table 2 in the range A23:B27. (Hint: Type dollar signs, commas, and percent symbols as appropriate when entering the numbers. Do not apply number formats.) Change the font size of the table title in cell A22 to 14 point Verdana and underline it. TABLE 2 Med Supply Online Warehouse Financial Projection Assumptions Units Sold in Prior Year | 1,589,712 | Unit Cost | $59.50 | Annual Sales Growth | 25.50% | Annual Price Decrease | 2.65% | Margin | 38.80% | Format the range B4:G19 using the Format Cells dialog box to apply the Number category (on the Number tab) with zero decimal places, use of the 1000 Separator, and negative numbers displayed in black with parentheses. In cell B4, enter the following formula: Year 1 Sales (cell B4) = Units Sold in Prior Year * (Unit Cost / (1 - Margin)) or =B23 * (B24 / (1 – B27)) In cell C4, enter the following formula: Year 2 Sales (cell C4) = Year 1 Sales * (1 + Annual Sales Growth) * (1 - Annual Price Decrease) or =B4 * (1 + $B$25) * (1 - $B$26). Be sure to use absolute references where appropriate in the formula. Copy cell C4 to the range D4:G4. In cell B5, enter the following formula: Year 1 Cost of Goods (cell B5) = Year 1 Sales * (1 – Margin) or =B4 * (1 - $B$27). Be sure to use an absolute reference where
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