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SBUS10050 Excel Exam The Excel Practical Exam: You will be asked to complete a financial forecast for a small company. You will each receive a unique excel file. The file contains a set of instructions on the ‘Instructions’ sheet, a set of data on the ‘Excel test data’ sheet and a sheet containing the set of definitions of financial terms (also given at the end of this document). You are required to follow the instructions to complete a financial forecast, create a graph and answer a descriptive statistics question. You have 40 minutes to complete the test. Save your work regularly. On completion, upload your completed excel file. Getting the file for the Exam: Internet Explorer (IE) is the recommended browser for Blackboard,…show more content…
 In the Comments field insert your name, student number, programme, tutorial time and room. (e.g. Jane Doe, 12345678, BBL, 10.00am, Q009)  Go to Attach File, Browse My Computer: browse and select your completed excel exam spreadsheet file.  Click Submit (Note that "Save as Draft" does not Submit your test). Do not re-open, copy or move your Excel file after you have completed the test. Regulations: SBUS10050 Practical tests are official assessments. Students completing the tests must abide by the provisions of the UCD Student Code and all deliverables must comply with UCD policies on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism. In particular, students sitting this test are strictly prohibited from: using computer applications other than those required e.g. chat applications, email applications or VOIP applications, attempting to view other students work, conversing with other students, passing information to other students physically or electronically. Any student with other Internet applications open during the exam will be asked to leave. Each student receives an individualised test. Each exam will be automatically checked to see if they contain the content assigned to that student. Students who breach these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action. Creating a Financial Forecast in Excel Annual changes section This gives the increase/decrease on the previous value. For instance, in Year 1/Quarter 1 the sales volume is
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