Excellence Starts with Governance

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Excellence Starts with Governance The IT control environment is shaped by top management attitudes, abilities, awareness, and actions and includes integrity, ethical values, philosophy, and operating style (Robinson, 2005). Corporate governance and IT governance are both important for enterprise risk management (ERM). IT governance enables regulatory and legal compliance, operational excellence, and optimal risk management. With corporate governance and IT governance working together, the business objectives, transparency, internal control, and accountability meet the business objectives in an effective manner and stay compliant with regulations that govern the business industry. The Sarbanes Oxley Act mandates transparency, clear accountability, and rigorous internal control, which requires corporate governance and IT governance to work together. Top executives are held accountable under the Sarbanes Oxley Act for internal controls and transparency of the organizations. Without corporate governance and IT governance working together, the organization would not be in compliance with this regulation. IT governance defines the IT structure, measures, and monitoring framework and should include business value created and delivered in a cost-effective and efficient manner, risks identified and controlled, and assurance of effective oversight. The organization's missions and strategic directions must meet business needs for IT solutions, which requires corporate

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