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What Makes an Exceptional StoryCorp
Often people’s lives are changed by events that have a story to be told. StoryCorps is a way that people are able to take their own stories and share them for people to hear. Although there is not much to it other than telling your story there is a great deal of planning and work that goes into making the story. StoryCorps need background, significance and detail to tell the story well and make an impact.
StoryCorps need thought out background to be understood and make sense. Background needs many types of detail to give the correct information. One of the important concepts to say is what the event was and how it happened, because if you go straight into what the outcome was there is no meaning to the after.
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This question caused there to be time for the lady I was interviewing to explain how her son getting hit by a texting driver happened. During this time she covered information about how people were reacting as it happened.
Giving the listener the information about what happened and why, yet it did not go into information about the outcomes and her feelings now. The story told was briefly but drawn to the point and gave insight to the rest of the StoryCorp. This did not give too much information about the event, but set up a situation for me to ask questions that dove deeper into the life changing event. Without the short time at the beginning of my story, many questions might not have seemed as important, and lead her to say why it was important.
Background does not make sense without a reason. In my second question I said “What has been the hardest thing about losing your son” (My StoryCorps). In the following seconds there was silence because there was almost no way she could think of one idea when there where was many memoriess she missed each day. Finally she thought of a response; “Everything” she said (My StoryCorps
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