Exceptional Students Essay

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Exceptional Students Every year there are changes made about a child’s education, in the attempt to provide the best education possible for children. In recent years, the education of students with disabilities, who were previously not educated in the regular school system, has been publicly debated. The idea of inclusion, or mainstreaming has received a great deal of support. Although there is the need to adapt programs and sometimes classroom environments for the child with special needs, there are many benefits for all that are included in this situation. This paper will define the phrase “mainstreaming”, and what constitutes a child with disabilities. The role that teachers play within the classroom is one that will…show more content…
Obviously, children who have disabilities are going to require some form of adjustment to their program or classroom. Although teachers have had many mixed feelings about the inclusion of children into regular classes, many benefits exist not only for the child with special needs, but also for the teacher and regular students as well. For teachers having some knowledge about disabilities tends to increase their confidence in working with students that do have special needs. They have an increased chance of developing more personal relationships with the parents of these students, and are required to work with parents, professionals and specialists to develop beneficial programs for these special students. The attitude teachers’ display in the classroom towards children with disabilities will reflect the way children without disabilities treat these disabled children. If teachers are understanding and sensitive to the needs of the disabled student, other students will be also. Children often learn to be more accepting of classmates and interact with them as individuals. This often helps to diminish stereotyping of handicapped people. Being placed in a regular school setting is very beneficial for the disabled child also. They often have more success academically and socially when they are included, and are better prepared for the real world. Being enrolled in special education classes may give a great deal of individual attention, but when
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