Exceptionalities in Education

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RUNNING HEAD: Exceptionalities Teaching for Exceptionalities Grashal Parker Grand Canyon University: SPE-526 December 2, 2011 Teaching for Exceptionalities Children with learning differences have always been a part of the community. Teaching children with learning differences began as a one on one setting, usually separate from typical schools. In the past, students’ with exceptionalities were often segregated from the regular classroom. Mainstreaming began the process of integrating them with nondisabled students, and inclusion takes the process further by creating a web of services. Special education is often times as diverse as the schools and school systems that incorporate it. Most common approaches include: self-contained…show more content…
An individualized education plan is a plan that meets the educational needs and guidelines of a child with a disability. An IEP is designed to meet the educational needs of a child with a disability to help them succeed in the classroom. A team of professionals must design the IEP, to meet that child’s individual needs specifically. The IEP is helpful to help teachers; as well as other professionals understand the child’s specific disability and learning needs in the classroom. The IEP, which is regularly maintained, should describe how the student learns, how the student best demonstrates that learning and what teachers and service providers will do to help the student learn more effectively. Key considerations in developing an IEP include assessing students in all areas related to the known disabilities, simultaneously considering ability to access the general curriculum, considering how the disability affects the student’s learning, developing goals and objectives that correspond to the needs of the student, and ultimately choosing a placement in the least restrictive environment possible for the student (Weishaar, 2001). An IEP is meant to ensure that students receive an appropriate placement. It is meant to give the student a chance to participate in "normal" school culture and academics as much as is possible for that individual student. In this way, the student is able to have specialized assistance only when such assistance is absolutely
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