Excerpt From 'Captain Graf's'

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“And What may your name be sweetheart” Captain Graff said to the innocent 7 year old at the end of the line “Valentine-Valentine Wiggin sir” “Valentine?” questioning if the young girl was capable enough for such a test “ well valentine I wish you the best of luck on this exam, girls your age don’t usually do these test so young, but you seem rather fine with it, don’t you?” “Yes sir, I do, I’ve heard so many things about this test but I’ve always wanted to judge for myself before I took someone else's judgement for me”. Before Graff left he took a long glance at little valentine, while she stood their smiling he knew she was extremely special. As valentine took a seat in the room so silent she could hear her blood flowing, she now…show more content…
Soon after their conversation, Graff walked valentine to another room. The room was full of weapons and a big computer screen covered almost the whole wall, “On the screen will appear a task, you must do what's right and complete the task fully, Remember valentine you can save us, but first you have to prove yourself” and with those words Captain Graff walked out. The screen went white, a while later young children were seated in neat rows happy and smiling at her, the game was program to have one bugger dressed as a child, valentines job was to shoot at the child she thought was the enemy. “But this is murder” Shaking while Looking down at her weapon choices eventually picking up the one that seemed less hurtful. She pointed it up at the screen to the little girl with the glasses, looking deeply into her eyes as if she was really in front of her valentine started to cry. After a few minutes of long staring valentine finally cried out “I can’t do this” throwing the weapon to the floor and running out. Startled Graff looked at her “what do you mean valentine, it’s only a game” “even if it was stuffed animals, I can’t do something like that to an…show more content…
While peter peeked through the door he could hear his parents whispering “What if the child isn’t fit to their likings, what if they decide last minute to put him up for adoption” “don’t think so negatively honey, everything will be okay”. “The worst thing about this deal is he’ll only be able to be with us for six years, six years isn’t a long time” “don’t worry about time, we’ll make sure to make lots of memories in those 6 years, listen this could be a big thing for us having a son or daughter as a superhero isn’t something heard about ever. I have faith in this child and like Graff said they could change the course of our future tremendously”. After hearing his parents discussion Peter wasn’t full of anger anymore but instead sadness, he was the only boy in the family and after wishing to always stay that way, this time he hoped the baby would change his loneliness. “Although my anger might take over me sometimes and cause me to do stupid things to him or her, I promise not only to myself but my new sibling to always love and care for them”. With Peter’s last words he layed in bed and fell fast asleep dreaming of his future with his new
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