Excerpt From No Strings Attached: A Narrative Fiction

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No Strings Attached pt 2 December, 2002. Christopher's boots shuffled with ease as he walked out of the convenience store, into the snow as he leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. As smoke filtered through the air and into the cold December snow-filled sky, which led to a landscape of blue; iridescent blue, that even the white refused to fade into, memories of a familiar set of eyes came to mind. They often did. Though it was just one night, that man had charmed him through and through. In the past years, he had written stories. Many stories. Stories with handsome protagonists, sharp suits, reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. It was all the same. Christopher simply could not find a man more beautiful in the labyrinth of his mind.…show more content…
"I'm going to Germany." He smiled as he lifted the suitcase into the trunk of the cab. Rebecca and her father waved and grinned, albeit reluctantly. They were also Christopher's neighbors and had came to say goodbye. "First stop, the Neuschwanstein castle." Christopher muttered to himself. A living castle. How exciting! The castle was undoubtedly grand and a sight to behold, but Christopher couldn't quite get his enthusiasm going when he saw the amount of couples who were there. Right, it really was quite romantic, if you thought about it. Christopher played around with the idea of a medieval romance in writing form for a minute or two, then left. On his way down, he bumped into a stranger almost immediately. "Ah, entschuldigung." Christopher said quickly. The man nodded and continued on his way. Huh, what a strange expression he had. Christopher blinked and continued on his way. It took him another 2 minutes down the castle to realize he had lost his wallet and his passport. Actually, his entire fucking bag was gone. His bag with his phone and his expensive camera. The blonde was horrified. He more or less collapsed at the front desk of his hotel, and scrambled his way up to the…show more content…
"Right. Some spilled on you too, right? Feel free to use the shower. I'll lend you some of my clothes." "Uh, you go ahead first. Its your hotel room, and I bumped into you." "How do I know you won't run off with my passport and wallet?" Torrance smiled. Christopher felt a burst of anger, then stopped. He was hurt, but Torrance was right. They only met for a day, three years ago. It was inevitable that Torrance didn't trust him. "I would go first, but how do I know you won't call the police on me?" Christopher retorted. "Then why don't we shower together?" Torrance said with a frown. Christopher was about to scoff, then realized the brunette was serious. "W-what?" "What? Its not like I haven't seen you without clothes on." The brunette turned away and smirked. "Ah.. you..." Christopher muttered angrily. "You're cute when your face is so red." Torrance laughed lightly as he tenderly grasped the blonde's cheek. "Shall we?" The brunette asked gently before taking his hand. "Let go! I can walk myself, you know!" Christopher muttered as he struggled out of his hold. Torrance smiled, then turned serious. He held Christopher against the wall, expression
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