Excerpts From Philo

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The tones of the excerpts from the Bible are positive. They mainly focus on the concept that if an individual loves God with their mind and body everything in their life will be good. This individual will be exempt from pain and suffering. I do not feel that this means only good things will happen for this individual however, their perception of events will be different sparing them a lot of pain. These excerpts also imply that you are a part of everyone. However, God is also a part of everything and everyone; therefore, you must believe that God is a part of you. This concept is recapitulated in the excerpt of the Bible. I also admired that they believe there is no need to teach people about God because he is already a part of you.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the excerpts from Philo. In these passages it is implied that even if a person does not believe in God or is ignorant, God will still bless the individual with good things. However, the blessings can be unnoticed because some might not understand that the rain that falls upon the flowers and other things people might find trivial are all blessings from God. I find the concept of time to be interesting in one of the passages from Philo. It states that God is not restricted by man’s definition of time. Days and years are a concept created by man. This backs up the
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For example, even if someone deserves hate the best thing for your well-being would be to let go of those emotions and lead with compassion. I feel it is important that an individual should show mercy to a man who is wicked because God is a part of him; therefore, there is some good in him. Hate and negativity will destroy the person with those emotions more than it would destroy the person those feelings are meant for. The Bible, Philo, and Shmelke of Nikolsburg all share a common theory, and that is the notion that we are all connected so everyone should treat people how they wish to be
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