Excerpts Of Going Solo Essay

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Within the book "Excerpts of Going Solo," the main character Roald Dahl meets many odd and silly people. For instance, some include people such as Major Griffiths, Miss Trefusis, Mdisho, U.N Savory, etc. However today I will be talking about Mdisho and Miss Trefusis specifically and what Roald conveyed about both of these characters and which one I think in my own opinion is more crazy or dotty. Throughout the story of Going Solo Roald meets a warrior from the Mwanumwezi tribe known as Mdisho. Mdisho has many different traits exclusive to him within the story. For instance, some ideas that Roald conveyed about Midsho was how violent and brave he was. For instance within the text it states "With one blow it cut through his neck so deeply…show more content…
Miss Trefusis is considered very dotty for many reasons. For one within the story of "Going Solo," Roald runs into Miss Trefusis who was an elderly old woman who quite often sat at a dining room table. Roald found her dotty because she would eat an orange or really anything without her fingers and instead use utensils to eat everything including things that are meant to be peeled or eaten with your hand. For instance, it even states "She was eating an orange at the time" and "In the first place she had speared it from the fruit bowl with her fork instead of taking it in her fingers." This piece of piece of evidence proves that she was a very dotty person for the way she eats an orange. Another detail that Dahl finds that conveyed that she was crazy is her hate towards fingers and toes it even states in sentences 3 to 5 on paragraph 64 in the Voyage Out Chapter "Fingers are foul and filthy, but toes! Toes are reptilian and viperish!". She found them this way because according to her they’re full of bugs and their disgusting dirty things. This proves that her opinions on fingers and toes are correct as it corresponds with the evidence given and proves that she finds fingers and toes disgusting. Although she is crazy there is many similarities and differences between Miss Trefusis and Mdisho. For one something different is their specific traits. You see Mdisho has things such as confidence, violence,
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