Excess On Culture

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What is the impact of Excess on our culture today? Believe it or not over 20 million children receive free or reduced price lunch each day at school in America. Less than half of them get breakfast, and only 10% have access to summer meal sites. Yes, even in America children and adults likewise have a limited food source or are starving. America has an abundance of food and every year 40% of the food in the USA is thrown out, that includes good food that could have been shared or donated. All this excess uneaten food could have fed at least 25 million Americans. As proud Americans we should work to decrease the amount of food wasted, and the amount of children and adults that go hungry each day. Many of us cringe at the sight of a poor orphan from Africa or when we see the abandoned shelter dogs, why should it be any different for poor child in America. Many think there is just nothing they can do to help, but there is so much you can do. Instead of throwing unexpired food away try taking it to a food bank there is always one nearby and there is always a demand for food. And don’t worry everything counts from canned goods…show more content…
And what are the major causes behind this you ask? Well overstocking, the expectation of perfection, and sell by dates. As you may have noticed, not all of these explanations are the grocery stores fault. So really the main problem is picky consumers. Super markets around the country have been overstocking for years. Overstocking creates a high supply and a low demand which theoretically leads to other mechanisms of waste. Stores will throw out bananas due to a few brown spots even though the banana is still perfectly edible. Grocery’s also throw away foods before the sell by dates, even though the food is often good for at least two more weeks. Even when we buy the excess food it’s amazing how much still goes to
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