Excessive Alcohol Use Bad For The Blood

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If you knew that something you were about to do is a lot of fun but it has numerous health risks including possible death, would you still do it? For most people, alcohol is a lot of fun, but most don’t realize the health factors, especially if you are an excessive drinker. Many people die each year from heart disease because they don’t know how to control how much they drink in one sitting. Even more people die each year from drinking and driving, when you consume alcohol your motor skills are heavily impaired and your reaction time is extremely slow therefore if you are drinking and driving there is a high possibility that you could die. Excessive alcohol use is bad for you because it has bad effects on the heart and blood, it kills brain cells, it has serious and sometimes deadly effects on many vital organs in your body, and has many different side effects. Excessive alcohol use is bad for the blood in many different ways, one such reason is that alcohol can cause blood clots. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly which is why it has a major impact on the blood. Heavy drinking can cause many blood conditions including several forms of Anaemia and blood clotting abnormalities and it also reduces the strength of the immune system (1). Anaemia rarely causes long term complications but it can affect people 's daily life. Side effects of Anaemia include tiredness, increased risk of infection, heart and lung problems, pregnancy issues such as premature birth and low
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