Excessive Burdens. Throughout The Entirety Of Many Battles

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Excessive Burdens Throughout the entirety of many battles and wars alike, the men and women serving their country volunteer regardless of their burdens and personal conflicts at home. Due to this very widely recognized and acknowledged fact, the author injects a considerable amount of stories and anecdotal tales into the plot entirely. The characters run the gamut of conflict and home life that can be recognized as very substantial and important to one, regardless of their circumstances or occupation. Additionally, these characters all appear to have a desire of success as their motivating factor in achieving great success during their lifetimes. With these two aforementioned traits, one should similarly recognize the fact that O’Brien…show more content…
Due to this, Cross would often think back to his times of enamor towards this woman during his duty. In the chapter “The Things They Carried”, Cross appears to be busy thinking about his love towards Martha and thus takes his attention away from the events of the warfare. The narrator speaks to this and says, “He had loved Martha more than his men, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the way” (O’Brien 16). This quotation alone illuminates the fact that all men and women serving the country enter their duty with their own personal “baggage” so-to-speak. These burdens, often a facet of mentality, weigh heavily on the soldiers and can only be surmounted by the strongest of minds and physical ability. A similar instance of heavy mental guilt can be recognized during the chapter titled “Friends”. The primary discussion in this chapter revolves around the fact that Dave Jensen had created a pact with a friend of his, Strunk. This pact had been an agreement where the soldiers would kill one another rather than allowing them to remain wounded or to be captured by the enemy, likely due to the imminent torture and pain ahead of them if either circumstances happened. During the time of the pact, Jensen had left his close friend behind rather than killing him as they had both agreed upon. Unfortunately for

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