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: Building a Brand with Social Marketing 1. Dagny Amber Aslin creator and owner of The Exchange saw a unique need to make it easier for horse professionals to buy and sell their horses. Aslin grew up riding and working with horses and knew the difficulty that horse professionals had when trying to buy or sell horses. She took this as an opportunity to create a specialized website for high-end competition hunter-jumper horses. At the time many of the websites in which you could purchase horses were unreliable, contained old information, and required a lot of time weeding out the reliable information within a multitude of unreliable classified ads. In creating The Exchange, Aslin wanted to make a website…show more content…
Below are some of the things that Aslin does to personalize her services: a. Specific marketing strategies for each horse listed based on the horse’s history and show record and identifying the most likely buyers. b. The use of fact sheets that includes a series of checkboxes from which sellers select pre-worded traits, coupled with additional space for written descriptions. c. The exclusive sale of only hunter-jumper show horses specifically suited for high-level competition and nothing else. (This way horse professionals know exactly what they are looking for when they come to The Exchange website). d. Strict screening processes for horses listed on The Exchange in order to prevent unreliable and false information about horses from being listed on the website. e. Reasonable fee structures for the sale and purchases of horses. f. Multichannel marketing programs i.e. the Sale Barn, which can link to the seller’s Web site, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, with the goal of increasing the overall awareness for the seller’s business. g. Provide copy-writing services and professionally edits all videos supplied by sellers, hosting them on its private server and making them available to download, embed and

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