Exchanges with Industry Before Receipt of Proposals (4-4)

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Exchanges With Industry Before Receipt of Proposals (4-4) Part 15 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) “prescribes [the] policies and procedures governing competitive and noncompetitive negotiated acquisitions.” One component of negotiated acquisitions that occurs early in the acquisition process is the solicitation of proposals. FAR 15.201, titled, “Exchanges with Industry before Receipt of Proposals,” regulates the type and manner of communications, also sometimes referred to as exchanges, which can – and cannot – take place between the Government and potential suppliers prior to the receipt of a potential supplier’s proposal and the subsequent award of a contract. This paper will address a few of the various types and…show more content…
This fact is stated plainly and directly even in the FAR itself, where it is written, “Agencies are encouraged to promote early exchange of information about future acquisitions.” Exchanges are beneficial to all parties involved in the acquisition process, and there are a number of reasons why such exchanges are beneficial. As the regulations explain at FAR 15.201(b), some of these benefits include an improved understanding of the Government’s requirements for the potential suppliers, and also an improved understanding of a potential supplier’s capabilities by the Government. Additionally, exchanges between Government and potential suppliers can help the Government firm up or finalize their acquisition plan and source selection strategy for a particular procurement by enabling them to determine things such as, “proposed contract type, terms and conditions, and acquisition planning schedules,” as well as, “the feasibility of the requirement, including performance requirements, statements of work, and data requirements.” I. TYPES OF EXCHANGES The FAR lists a number of ways in which exchanges between Government and Industry might occur prior to the issuance of a contract award. Examples of these types of exchanges include, Pre-Solicitation Conferences and Industry Days; Pre-Proposal Conferences; and One-on-One Meetings with Potential Offerors. A. Pre-Solicitation Conference / Industry Day The Defense Acquisition University’s (DAU) Glossary of

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