Excited to See Miss Sophia

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First day of school for the new term, I woke up with a burning passion. I cannot wait to enrol in the art class, anxious to see the beautiful face of Miss Sophia, eager to prove my ability in Miss Rina’s subject. With all these positivity, I arrived at school twenty minutes earlier. I never this early. Skipping my breakfast at home, something called me to have it in the cafeteria of the school, I don’t know why, but that was what I did that morning. When I arrived, many students were already there, hang out at the cafe while waiting for class to begin. I prefer to sit in a corner, where I can see all the every angle clearly. Nothing really interesting beside the coffee that I sip. A group of girls then came and sat at a table near me. Five of them. Pretty. Trendy Voguish. Whatever they name it, to me it’s too much. Simply too much. But there is one of them who caught my eyes. The simplest among the other who threw me a friendly smile. I never saw her, or most likely, I never noticed. Usually, I will buy me coffee and enjoy it with a cigarette under the tree or behind the building. Conversely, I smiled back at her. A moment later, a butch came and joined the group. A new face, I'm sure, because people like me can be counted with the fingers at this school. She kissed the cheek of every girl in the group and took place next to the girl who smiled at me just now. They looked very cherish talking and occasionally bursting laughter. Tired of the noise, I took my backpack and

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