Excitement in the Airport Terminal

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With clear emerald eyes illuminating with enthusiasm, the young child’s face bursts with happiness, showering down like rain as the sweet taste of excitement lingers in the air as he chases around his siblings whilst tugging on his parents’ arms. They are drained from the child’s constant yelling and their heavy eyes slowly alter to a dark shade of cerulean and fill with extreme fatigueness. Their eyes gradually begin to shut, however much they long to stay wide open. Across the parents, the two teenagers are like robots; their shoulders are slouched as they drag their feet, one step at a time, to the nearest seat, as they stay glued to their phones, unaware of the world around them. The innocent child then moves his attention to the panes of glass beside him, his eyes fill with enlightenment as he gazes at the plane outside, observing every inch of detail, in fascination. The wheels on the plane begin to take off the concrete floor. Once the plane begins to flee, disappearing into the skies above; the boy feels a sense of freedom come over him. Suddenly, the parents’ sense of hearing heightens as they hear an announcement call from the corner of the airport, informing all passengers of their flight to board. Grabbing the young child by the hand, the parents finally stand up ready to go. Their once excitement for their weekend break disappears as they dread the chaos that their young will cause aboard.
A few miles ahead, there are a crowd of people, all clustered together at
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