Exclusion As A Form Of Control

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Exclusion as a form of control is contingent upon the belief what you are excluding is the problem. Usually however, what is being excluded, like a criminal, is the symptom of a much bigger problem (a failing education system, poverty…etc). Additionally, the idea that a human can be “fixed” in a psychiatric facility is also contingent on there being one source and one problem that can be identified and dealt with. Humans are complex, and we can’t assume to know how effecting one part will effect the whole. Again, complexity is disregarded for the sake of the image that is at stake. The image in this case, is a safe and civilized community. Criminals threaten to disrupt the boundaries we have put in place in society. By breaking laws or…show more content…
This is obviously unrealistic, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Disease is part of nature, and on an environmental level it is a natural form of population control. There is a sort of ignorant arrogance that comes with being a human in society. We don’t try and live in harmony with nature, and accept death from disease as a natural process, rather we fight nature and do our best to outsmart it through inventions like antibiotics. We use nature to our advantage when it is convenient, but we disregard it when it threatens our structures and rules. In contrast, it is worth noting that war, which also contributes to premature death and goes against society’s ideals is not nearly as obsessed upon. There is no “war awareness month” like there is a “breast cancer awareness month.” The reason for this is because war is much more complex and a product of our own boundaries. Yes, we say things like “war is bad” or “terrorists are evil” but it is exactly that kind of dichotomous thinking that perpetuates the violence. Actually eliminating war would mean shifting the way we interact with each other in the world. It would mean not simplifying people to good and bad, but accepting everyone with their differences. We created war, and it’s a product of the divisive boundaries we set for ourselves in society. Instead of eliminating the boundary we act in ways that give
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