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Excretory System The excretory system is a biological system found in the human body. This particular system’s vocation is to remove excess waste that was contrived by metabolism, this system thus maintains Homeostasis. Now, before we advance, we should elucidate on what Homeostasis. Homeostasis is essentially the body attempting to maintain equilibrium. The excretory system attempts this by removing waste to equipoise to the desired level of consistency. Due to the fact that some of the organs may act independently, this organ system‘s functions are only vaguely related to one another and thus this organ system is not often observed in formal use. Components: The excretory system is constituted by several organs, but these organs…show more content…
Let’s begin with the nephrons; the nephrons are the functional unit of the kidney and there is approximately a million present in each kidney, meaning each individual nephron is physically diminutive. The filtration process for an individual Nephron begins with an afferent arteriole (that branches from the renal artery) that supplies a ball of capillaries, called the glomerulus. The glomerulus filters various wastes from the blood, by imparting high pressure on the blood passing through. This ejects water that contains urea, sodium, glucose, amino acids, electrolytes and various other materials. The Glomerulus is itself encapsulated by the Bowman’s capsule. These materials diffuse from the glomerulus, to the Capsule. From the capsule, the Filtrate (what was released by the Glomerulus) runs in to the proximal convoluted tubule (we will refer to it as the PCT). When the Filtrate runs through the PCT, much of the material (for example Amino Acids, Glucose, Sodium and water) that was harvested by the Glomerulus goes requited, as in reabsorbed in to the blood. The materials are absorbed because the interstitial fluid is hypertonic (has a higher concentration than what is in the PCT) and thus some of the contents in the PCT (filtrate) osmoses to the interstitial fluid to be reabsorbed by the blood. The PCT’s membrane contains transporters for the various solutes in the filtrate and these differing transport proteins may require passive or

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