Essay on Excursion Airlines

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Angel Gracia Practical Problem Excursion Airlines Practical Problem 3 1) Describe the red flags, if any, that you find in the maintenance information. There are several red flags in the invoices. There are several invoice numbers that are repeated and have an A at the end of the repeated invoice. 2) Based on your results, what types of fraud schemes may be indicated? This shows that invoices were made twice for large amounts possibly by fraudsters that have approved the transactions. It’s very clear that the invoices were recorded this way. 3) Does this information indicate a potential suspect? This was done by both Orr and Nately within 2 vendor’s accounts Midware Aircraft Supply and MFI Avionics. Practical…show more content…
2) Compare the articles with the contract services account information. Do you notice anything that might lend credence to your theory that Syntech could be a shell company? If the company has an address why isn’t the money sent the companies prime location rather than a P.O. Box. Also Syntech was incorporated only a month before they received $19,000 for 76 hours of work from Excursion Airlines. Practical Problem 7 1) Do you see any red flags in Snowden’s personnel file? What if you compare it to Syntech System’s articles of Incorporation? Well one red flag is that his performance appraisal has decline in every form especially his management skills. But when you look at the Syntech System’s articles of incorporation many red flags appear. One being that the addresses of Brian and Syntech Systems are identical. Also the name of the board of directors and his wife is Debra. So she must have used her maiden name to create a shell company to get money from Excursion Airlines. Practical Problem 8 1) What is your next step? The next step is to look at all the canceled checks and see if anyone else is involved in the fraud. Also see if any checks were signed over to a different account. Practical Problem 9 1) Do you notice anything unusual about these canceled checks? What does this indicate? These checks were mailed to a P.O. Box rather
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