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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Learning Lab Denmark Experience Created in January 2001, the Learning Lab Denmark Experience (LLD) is a research institution, initially funded by the Danish Government, with the mission of doing "cutting edge research in the areas of learning, knowledge creation and competence development" . LLD encompasses six consortia, focused on research in practical and theoretical fields, a secretariat that oversees daily operations and a board of directors. The organization is affiliated with the Danish Pedagogical University (DPU), which administers its finances and charges LLD a percentage of its revenues. LLD aims to by different from other public organizations, traditionally slow unprofessional and bureaucratic. Since…show more content…
Given the involvement of the two current senior managers as well as their expertise and seniority in the organization, M.S Vaaland and H.S Jensen should be entitled to implement this plan. The efforts that they have already made to implement a common culture have been useful, even if not sufficient and show that they are aware of the necessity to unify LLD from the

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