Executing a Terror Attack

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Planning terrorism act in Edinburgh, Scotland Bearing the tightened security measures across many countries, planning a terror attack of mass populations is a very tricky affair hence needs keen planning and knowing the loopholes. As a leader of the terrorism unit responsible for accomplishing an attack on Edinburg, I will train my team to target a relatively smaller number of people who are mostly regarded not as high terrorism targets but are in such a number that will communicate to the CT efforts and the responsible countries. Where to target The target will narrow down to the Edinburg international climbing arena where people gather in relatively large numbers to compete in climbing and some to witness the climbing competitions. This is also a region that is surrounded by tall buildings which will act as a hideout while approaching the target for bombing. When to target The attack will be carried out during the December holidays when so many people are not busy and particularly on a Sunday afternoon when most families visit this place to have fun. This usually presents a relaxed mode of security and even the security agents are relaxed as there are large numbers of families trooping into this region for the holiday celebrations. Why the arena The arena is located at a confined place and the accesses are narrow making it hard for people to exit all at the same time. This will give enough time to target a maximum number while detonating several

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