Execution At Temple Drive By Bam Alegre

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“It seems to me it can happen to anyone. It can happen to me....Worse, all it takes is for the suspects to put a cardboard in [sic] your corpse accusing you of crimes that you can’t defend yourself from…”
— “Summary Execution at Temple Drive” by Bam Alegre
Philippines, September 2016—Five months after the new administration launched its polarizing war against drugs, various groups have raised serious concerns about the frequency and impunity of extrajudicial killings in the country.
Even the death counts do not agree, with estimates ranging from one and a half to over three thousand dead through the war, less than half of these due to vigilante killings or unknown assailants. The legitimacy and protocol of police operations have been put into question due to the seeming excess in number of operations escalating to shootouts or the alleged violations of human rights in the apprehension of drug suspects.
Definitely, the proliferation of drug production and distribution in the Philippines poses severe problems on the country’s economy and sociopolitical stability. As a form of illicit trade, drug trafficking is able to “undermine state authority and the rule of law by fuelling corruption, compromising elections, and hurting the legitimate economy.”
However, given the current crisis of human rights violations amid the relentless thrust for the drug war, what sentence would we expect to fall on drug suspects—and are there ways in which the drug war could instead be steered…

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