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~Memorandum~ Our office's contract will go up for re-bid in 2015. In order to ensure that we have done everything possible to better position ourselves for the upcoming re-bid, upper management has asked me to review.” They want to determine if the book would be a good tool to recommend for our managers as we try shift efforts on slimming our cost and preparation for a new contract. “Execution” is a management guide that prides itself on grooming managers to focus on production, results, and finally accomplishments. Overall, it was a quick and dirty book that was very direct. It has some great ideas to consider, especially for people who have little experience with management. However if upper management does decide to recommend…show more content…
Do our employees seem confused about what they are supposed to be doing at any given time? Are we rushing too much when deadlines are close? If yes, then it may be good for us to recommend “Execution” to management. They will have to go back to basics as managers. Delivery Quality and Value- I chose this chapter because it as the re-bid for our contract draws near, our best defense is our clients perception of our quality. “Execution” covers in detail the Six Sigma quality assurance five step solution, which includes the following steps; define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Currently our organization does have procedures put into place with our Internal Review Process that does indeed assure we meet the Six Sigma statistic. The most important part of this chapter discussed lean method for our clients. The lean method involves identifying what our clients truly value. As our re-bid gets closer we should really re-evaluate our processes to assure that our client still sees them as valuable. Do our clients really think all of our fifty plus deliverables are valuable? If not then we should suggest that we rid ourselves of them and focus on the ones that really do create value. Our managers should always be reaching out to the client trying to focus on the details that are most important and letting the things that they do not see meaningful go away. As the memo indicates “Execution” is more of a beginners guide to

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