Executive Branch Of Democracy

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Our experiment in democracy was effective, but how was it in the perspective of the federals, states, and locals? All these democracies have different perspectives and different ways they work. They all have different rules and different people to run their democracies. They were also made and founded in different times and places. Democracies are all over the world in different locations, states, cities, but what is a Democracy? A Democracy is government system formed by the people and supreme power is vested in the people. Democracy was identified as Ancient Athens circa 508 BC, it can be traced back to the 6th century and was created by Cleisthenes. Ever since there Democracy was created there’ve been a lot of Democracies created and there’s a lot of perspectives in democracies, and those are federal, state, and local. All these types of democracy’s different way they run them. These democracy also have 3 types of branches executive, judicial, legislative they call this the 3 branch system. Which are all different, ran by different people and work differently. All of these branches have different jobs they do, they all run differently. The Branches were founded back in the 1780’s except for Legislative branch which was founded in the 1920’s. The three branch…show more content…
The executive branch is a system of democratic governance, in charge of putting laws made by the congress into effect. The executive branch either executes or enforces the law. The executive bureaucracy is usually the source of regulations , the executive can also be a source of certain types of laws, that includes degree and executive order. The executive branch consists on leaders either from an office or multiple, the top leadership roles are head of state, head of government, defence minister, interior minister, foreign minister, finance minister, justice
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