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In this executive branch comparison paper, it will be between the state of Illinois and the state of Kentucky. These two states are very close in boarders but are they truly different within the executive branch? In this paper I will focus on, what powers the governor has and how the governor or Lt. Governor is replaced if they should resign or pass away while in office. Now let’s just start off with some facts about each states executive branch.
While reading, the first thing that I had saw was the amount of sections for the executive officials in each constitution. The state of Illinois only has 21 sections, while the state of Kentucky has a total of 40 sections, this is nearly double of what Illinois has. Also, the title of each article
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In Illinois the governor seems to have 6 major powers. The first three powers are, Section 8: The governor is responsible for the faithful execution of laws, section 9: appointing power with the consent of the senate (a majority of the members) and section 10: The governor can remove for incompetence, neglect of job, or wrong doing in office. The last three powers are, section 11: The governor may reassign duties among or reorganize executive agencies which are responsible to him, section 12: The Governor may grant reprieves, commutations and pardons, after conviction, for all offenses on such terms as he thinks is right, and finally section 13, The Governor shall report to the general assembly on the condition of the state and recommended such measures as he deems desirable. Now looking at the state of Kentucky I found that the governor has seven powers, which is only one more than in the state Illinois. The states of Illinois and Kentucky have 3 sections that are very similar or the same, sections 12 and 77 are what I think are the same on most areas, section 13 and 79 are very similar in power, and finally sections 8 and 81 are the exact same, But one power that is different for Kentucky is, He may require information in writing from the officers of the executive department if pertaining to the duties of their
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