Executive Brief For Spotify : Strategic Plan

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Executive Brief for Spotify: Strategic Plan To: Daniel Ek, CEO From: Louise Liu Re: Strategic Plan Date: 2/18/2015 Executive Summary Spotify was started to provide commercial music streaming services with facilities to search and browse music as well as download. Spotify has various opportunities in increasing the size of the company to a wide area. There are also opportunities in creating interactive websites and providing the customers with extra games and offers. However, there are various challenges to meet these opportunities which may include investments and customer issues. There are two recommendations for Spotify, first is to develop a mobile application for smart phones and second is to create new offers along with online gaming. This will foster growth in the Spotify’s reputation in the market. Opportunities to Create Value through Optimizing and Reorganizing Strategic Area: Opportunities to Create Value: Challenges to Create Value: Accounting: Price Profits • Price regulations in Music Streaming • Making tie ups with more and more artists for their music • Creating value relationships with record companies • Modify the policy of Pay now and Pay later • Creating new price regulations may need highly skilled experts • Modification of pay now and pay later may create issues for the customers • Making good relationships with record companies and artists requires time Decision Sciences: Logistics • Increasing the geographical reach to benefit customers

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