Executive Compensation And Compensation Management Essay

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This paper looks at the opinions and issues involved within executive compensation. This is important because executive compensation is such an integral part of a company or organization’s functions. Executives are the ones tasked with making the decisions within an organization, and their pay can sometimes be linked to how well or how not well their decisions pan out. To look at these opinions, research and high quality analyses from various data sources were used. Some of these sources included the in-class textbook, “Compensation” by George Milkovich, Jerry Newman, and Barry Gerhart. While other sources used, included peer reviewed journals as preferred by the professor. All of these sources were used to show the relevance between executive compensation and compensation management as an entirety. The results are across the board; there are issues and opinions that clearly contradict each other and individuals take many different stances on the topic of executive compensation. The conclusion is that this will continue to be an ongoing and sensitive topic to discuss within organization structures and plenty more research and data will arise for individuals to gain further and deeper understanding of the complex nature of executive compensation.

Executive Compensation has many different definitions. For simplicity of this paper, the definition used will be that of the Center on Executive Compensation which is defined as a “broad term for the financial

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