Executive Desk Information About Physical Fitness Test

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Directors Desk information about physical fitness test study Correctional Officers are an integral part of ADC completing the mission. The selection process used to select Correctional Officer has recently been transformed through the ongoing LEAN process. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the agency has examined the physical fitness selection tool used to assess CO applicants and Cadets ability to perform the job of Correctional Officer. The agency entered into an agreement with a private firm, Industrial Onsite Network (ION), to conduct an analysis of the current physical fitness standards used in the Correctional Officer selection and training process and how well they correlate to the actual tasks that CO’s perform on a daily basis. The standards that are currently used in the hiring process and COTA graduation were implemented after a similar study that was completed in 1991. Since that study was completed in 1991, many changes have occurred in the Correctional field. Advancements have occurred not only with the technology we use in our field of work, such as electronic gates and doors, but also in the medical/physical and testing fields. Legal requirements to test for only ability to perform job- job related tasks have been reconsidered and opinions of experts and government oversight agencies such as EEOC about what determines a job related test have changed. The ION group is a professional outside company that specializes in workplace job analysis,

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