Executive Director Of A Non Profit Organization

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It is the intent of this paper to discuss an Executive Director of a non-profit organization. I personally chose this because I am the acting Executive Director of My Veteran Community, a non-profit aimed to help military veterans, service members, and their families. As My Veteran Community becomes fully operational I will officially be appointed this position. I have done private research to figure out what exactly an Executive Director does, but this research paper has given me the opportunity to take a more in depth approach to answering that question. The Executive Director is the most senior paid official commonly referred to as the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer). Executive Directors “manage company operations, formulate policies, and ensure goals are met.” It is their job and responsibility to ensure the company/organization is headed in a positive direction. They have to be aware of the present, but live in the near future at the very least. Executive Directors who are not planning for a positive near future outlook are only setting their company/organization up for failure. Personally what I do is I plan out in detail the projected year, then in a little less depth the next three years, and finally I just draw a general outline for the next five years. This allows me to develop goals, make sure policies fit those goals, and manage the operations of the company so that those goals are met. So it is basically like drawing a map, choosing a GPS, and then making sure

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