Executive Leadership Succession Management Program

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Section Two: Vetting Alternative Solutions The above ideas on how to address the opportunities in the Starbucks case are prioritized from highest to lowest ideas. The criteria used was looking at solving the key gaps, providing for long term sustainability, positively impacting the company’s profitability, and cost of solution. The top three will be explored in further detail below. • Executive leadership succession management program • Tracking and creating ways to decrease employee turnover • Training on producing quality beverages and customer service • Hiring and selection using person-job, person-organization match, and realistic and brand approach • Hiring a new regional employee for innovation • Training of youth and undereducated racial and ethnic minorities, women and older workers. • Onboarding program for new hires • Succession planning for key positions (not executive leadership) Executive leadership succession management program. From this case analysis, the key to the opportunities at Starbuck resulted in not having a succession management program and the cause of loss to their competitive advantage. This resulted in poor hiring and training of their partners, decreasing the quality of the beverages prepared, innovation, and customer service. This solution ranks number one due to its potential to solve all of the gaps identified and put Starbucks back on its successful path of sustained competitive advantage. This is also a solution to plan and
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