Executive Of Global Marketing Cloud

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Joel: Hi, we are here at WPC at Ingram Micro’s booth and we are with Dan Shapero. Welcome. Dan Hi, how is everyone doing today? How are you Joel? Joel: I am excellent today, thank you. You are the Director of Global Marketing Cloud. Dan: That is correct. Joel: And we have Nicola House, regional marketing manager, but you are in the U.K. Nicola: Yeah, based out of the U.K. Joel: We talk U.S. here. Dan: Actually, we are kind of talking global. One thing is probably important to point out, our cloud business unit is a global business unit and we operate on a global basis when it comes to cloud solutions. Part of our news today, there is a bit of a global story and it’s probably the lead in. You’re probably familiar with our…show more content…
So, that is just something that they can go to Ingram Micro Cloud.com or .co in the U.K. or any of our other Ingram Micro Cloud properties around the world, to sign up. So, for us that is a major milestone and we think I t establishes us as a kind of dominate player when it comes to cloud in the SNB channel as well as leadership with the CSP program. Joel: Explain a little bit more, I am an advisor partner, I want to become in the CSP program, what does that involve? Dan: So, that is really a lead in to the next enhancement that we made to our marketplace. So, we have a new service plan and you can think of a service plan as a SKU, but in the world of cloud, just like your mobile bill, you might call it whoever your carrier is, you say it’s your rate plan or your service plan. So, it’s in the world of cloud in service plan. So, we have a new service plan, which converts a customer from advisor to CSP. Now, there is a little bit of a backstory in order to make it as seamless as possible, reseller, this is Microsoft policy, we let their advisory account, upon renewal, expire and then renew it as a CSP account. There is no migration; there is no moving attendant or anything. They
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