Executive Of Marketing For The Schweppes American Beverage Company

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Statement of Problem:
In this case about Hawaiian punch, a woman named Kate Hoedebeck has been given a promotion to the director of marketing for the Schweppes American beverage company. As director she was in charge of coming up with a new marketing plan for the product. Since she was facing major competitors, according to the case, one of her major objectives was “a review of the two manufacturing, sales and distribution networks”. The profitability of Hawaiian punch in the market was also a concern of hers since she was the one responsible for both revenue gains as well as revenue losses. Due to the changes in the industry that are happening, the problem that is currently being faced is that the company is trying to figure out how to position the product within the market all while coming up with new innovative ideas for new flavors and for marketing to different segments of consumers.
Company Background Information:
The Hawaiian punch brand started all the way back in 1934 in Fullerton California when A.W., Tom Yates, and Ralph Harrison developed the a recipe for the product in their garage. Originally the brand was referred to “Leo’s Hawaiian Punch” according to the case. This product was sold in restaurants, soda fountains, as well as through ice cream manufactures. According to the case, in 1946 a group of investors purchased the entire brand and “renamed it the Pacific Hawaiian Products Company” (p. 381). Later on in the 1950’s the product was sold and offered to…
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