Executive Officer Of Adcor Marketing Practices Change Management

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Notably, a proper and intricate study of the interviewees reveals that Dave Arenburg, the Chief Executive Officer of Adcor marketing practices change management as part of his normal day. Actually, this is dint of the fact that his day is spent in coordinating, directing and following up with the management team to make sure that they are responding to the performance goals. As a matter of fact, Daren Arenburg is involve in change management daily because in daily basis he endeavors to make relevant changes as pertains certain troubles that occur in the organization to the tune of breaking of equipment, issues relating to human resources, in addition to challenges relating to customers (Acadia Multi-Media Case Management System(AMCMS), 2010). In point of fact, unless he makes the relevant changes, the “troubles” enunciated above make result to undesirable effects to the company. On the other hand, Gina Haverstock, also practices change management as part the normal day. In actual fact, this is because during the harvest times especially, Gina Haverstock, is involved in an assortment of decision making endeavors as pertains to where the grapes are to come from while making relevant changes to ensure delivery of the grapes on time as well as making decisions as regards to the procedures to be made use of in the manufacture wine. In such decision making activities, relevant changes are instigated in order to ensure that all the processes relating to manufacture of wine

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