Executive Officer : Pepsico Change Initiative

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PepsiCo Change Initiative 6

Unit 4: Assignment Focus Paper PepsiCo Change Initiative
Michelle Kinyungu
Organizational Excellence and Change
June 21, 2016
Dr. Barbara-Leigh Tonelli

Introduction In today?s business world, whether it be a local or global organization there must be change in women?s leadership. The change in women?s leadership at PepsiCo is a positive initiative. Strategic management suggested that change in any organization is expected, change is consideration based on the internal and external environment. The internal environment at PepsiCo with women?s leadership is present, but should be stronger. The women?s leadership initiative is vital and can be revolution to many other
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Stakeholders should be invested in the women?s leadership initiative to encourage the world market that women are added asset in the top management. The stakeholders who will have a real interested is the women?s leadership movement. Kaiser & Wallace(2016) stated that many organizations are concerned about their lack of women in upper management .(p.75). PepsiCo should be more concerned about the upper management that women possess.

Peltz Nelson a billionaire activist investor is one of PepsiCo?s important stakeholders. Nelson present has a stakeholder has threated to leave PepsiCo as stakeholder for various reasons. One reason is he wants to change the operations that Nooyi has put in place. For example, he wants to split the snack and beverage divisions. The reason this important because Nelson also is resisted toward who are CEO of major fortune 500 companies. Nelson would strongly resist a women?s leadership movement at PepsiCo. Nelson has a group Train Fund management will go against increasing the women?s leadership. He has over one billion stake in PespiCo( Schafer,2014). ). Of course in any given situation not everyone will be acceptable of changes, there are those that sometimes are reluctant to change. The common denominator for reluctance to change is normally the fear of the unknown and people tend to feel uncomfortable when change is introduced (Ackoff, 1999). There are two main groups of
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