Executive Orders Of The American Presidency

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Executive Orders in the American Presidency

By Niraj Patel


Prof. James Ingram

By definition, an executive order is "a presidential policy directive that implements or interprets a federal statute, a constitutional provision, or a treaty."An executive order can also be categorized under executive directives, and executive proclamation. (1) Though many may think of an executive order as an alternative term for a 'presidential proclamation ', it is not. Presidential proclamations are strictly reserved for public policy and for ceremonial purposes, such as the declaration of a day for remembrance, etc. Executive orders find their roots from not only the U.S. Constitution, but Congress as well. Though it 's powers are derived from outside of the executive branch, executive orders do not require any sort of approval whatsoever, and the president can utilize these orders to set up policy and rules while ultimately negating any thought of public opposition. Furthermore, executive orders have the ability to be applied to a wide range of activities and categories, and in the past they have; from implementing internment camps during WWII, sending U.S. troops abroad, to ideals such as increasing the area of national forests. What makes executive orders such a hot topic is that historically, these orders only regulated the internal operational factors of governmental/federal agencies as well as to regulate and oversee public lands, but more recently, has…
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