Executive President Of Product Development At Delta Health Technologies

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I managed to sit down for an interview with Josh Keely, the current Vice President of Product Development at Delta Health Technologies in Altoona PA. One of the first things Josh said to me was “No one owns it like you own it”, and that statement set the tone for the rest of the interview. Josh and his business partner at the time developed an application called “AppointMate”, which is an application to help managers of the private duty health care businesses. He managed to grow from 100 small “mom and pop” customers in 2003 to selling his product to franchises having over 500 offices alone by 2009. He succeeded in by exhibiting qualities that I feel make an excellent entrepreneur, hard work, faith in your product, and pure dumb luck. Josh started solving problems with computer programs at a very young age. He told me about how his mother required him to write thank you letters to each one of his relatives who sent him a Christmas gift. Josh realized that he could quickly write all his letters by creating a template and introducing two variables: the name of the person who sent the gift and the gift that was sent. Interestingly this is the process that many mail merge applications use today. Living in a world of computer code you can quickly come up with interesting solutions to many problems, and I believe that is why tech companies are still thriving today in the entrepreneur environment. Though he did not realize it at the time but this type of creative thinking would
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