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1. Executive summary Coffee shop is the famous business in Cochin. Coffee or Tea bar is a daily requirement for the local coffee lovers, and it is a place to dream big things in life and to discuss among friends and relatives and just a comfortable place to meet your loved ones or to read a book, all alone. With the growing demand for high-quality tea or coffee and great service, The Melody Coffee shop will mainly focus on the institute of management studies in Cochin and other private institutes also. The kind of culture will offer its customers the best prepared coffee/tea in the area that will be served with a muffin and a sweet, moreover we will provide some free books that many more old customers can read and enjoy their visit. The shop will operate a 70 square foot coffee bar near to the entrance of the institute of management studies in the building. The identified place can be obtained for lease for 8 months and it is possible to get a nearly extension in the upcoming months and years. The start-up funding which is available with Mr. Hemant is INR 80,000/- and it is surely that the remaining amount of Rs 50000 will be incurred through some commercial loans from the Bank of Baroda. The business is expected to gain more and more profit that will be more than 150000 per year. Melody Coffee shop will try to maintain a high gross profit margin and reasonable operating expenses throughout the year. 2. Business History The coffee and tea consumption in and around the

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