Executive Summary. Current Profile. Exxon Mobil Is A Business

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Executive Summary Current Profile Exxon Mobil is a business that believes in a diverse workforce. The company believes in investing in its employees so the company can retain its workforce. Exxon Mobil also wants to provide its consumers with an energy source that lowers the global warming effects and the company can achieve just that by continuously investing in research and development. Future Profile Exxon Mobil has a research and development department that is evolving its technologies to stay competitive. The company is continually working on assessing its products environmental life cycles to lessen the long term environmental impact. Exxon Mobil is striding for less greenhouse gas emissions then it has in the past. SWOT Analysis…show more content…
These competitors are BP, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips. These competitors have or are planning on entering into the renewable energy industry. BP, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips all offer something different to the energy industry. Industry Analysis The renewable energy industry can be a very profitable market to enter and many different governments and business are investing in the industry. Renewable energy is a less expensive long term option and many developing counties have renewable energy sources that power their populations; whereas, develop counties do not have those same resources. The renewable energy industry will be more prominent by 2040. Recommendations There are three short term recommendations and three long term recommendations. The short term recommendations are so the company can decrease their net capital to debt ratios, create a competitive advantage, and decrease research and development time frame. The long term recommendations are for the company to evolve, explore the market analysis, and invest in more biofuel options. Current Profile Exxon Mobil is a business that believes in a diverse workforce comprised of talented employees who are driven by its purpose. The company retains its employees, by continually developing them to be successful. In Exhibit A, the graph explains the training costs and employee retention Exxon Mobil has during the years of 2011 to 2015. “Currently, the company employs more

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