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Project Scope Statement

Project Name
Event Planning Store
Project Manager


Teresa and Tim

Project Description
As part of our strategic plan to create an event planning business store front and market our service based on our past experiences, this project is expected to be the vehicle to allow expansion and encompass a larger market. State of the art equipment and planning will assist in our increasing reputation and productivity and attaining a renowned presence in the industry.

Project Product

Completed acquisition of retail store front and design with construction of a production in the budgeted amount of $250,000.

Procured and installed equipment and raw materials to drive an
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3. Equal and Fair compensation to those invested in A Moment In Time.

Success is determined by quality, determination, prioritization and good choices for lasting effects. Communication is an essential aspect of the success factor. A Moment In Time strives to achieve the standing as the best choice of clients by working to prevent stress and burden in the process of planning an event. Consistent, professional, classic sophistication and a detail oriented work will provide an unworried occasion that will be remembered forever for a reasonable price. A Moment In Time will make every effort to provide a professional, clean and safe working environment to its employees and vendors, as well as honestly compensating them for their services. The vision and mission of A Moment In Time is that with the competitive market and technology A Moment In Time will strive to utilize latest technology and trends and ensure its clients are provided with the specialized attention they deserve.
Keys to Success
Keys for success include the commitment to quality by all employees and vendors. A Moment In Time’s staff will be responsible to themselves to achieve the highest possible level of professionalism in following areas:
1. Professional, consistent and precise fulfillment of our client 's wishes.
2. Price competitive and quality of services.
3. Profit made on every planned event.
Company Summary
A Moment In Time is a
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