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Executive Summary for Dave & Buster’s, Inc. ******** MISM 3310-01 March 3, 2011 Dave & Buster’s, Inc. utilizes various systems for its day-to-day functions. Because the technology in the organization must support restaurants, warehouses, and the corporate office, several systems must be integrated to work together to support all the activities of the organization. Dave & Buster’s restaurants, known as stores, require detailed point-of-sale, or POS systems, labor systems, and inventory systems designed for restaurant use. Warehouses require inventory systems, which also tie into the financial system. The corporate office requires a financial package that supports approximately $521 million in revenue per year and inventories of…show more content…
Various opportunities exist, which include new technology and software, both for the stores and the corporate office. Updated software and/or updated versions of existing software would provide opportunity for greater functionality and efficiency. Threats to Dave & Busters’ information technology include security threats such as theft of proprietary information and credit card information by hackers. There also exists the threat of servers being taken over and used for large scale malicious attacks. Each of these threats must be answered through comprehensive security software and other procedural measures. In addition to the SWOT analysis, various systems have been identified as critical to the survival or growth of the organization. First, the restaurant point-of-sale system, Micros, is a powerful system that also includes a Kitchen Display System. The Micros system provides detailed information about each transaction occurring in the store and transfers this valuable information to the corporate office systems each night through batch processing. These transactions include amount of each item sold, amount of tax calculated on each sale, number of guests per ticket, time of day of each sale, etc. Its Kitchen Display System, which displays diagrams and exact ingredients and

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