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Executive Summary (Benchmark Assessment) by Seema Jiwani
Grand Canyon University-NRS-451V
May 4, 2014
You have done a great job with your summary. I would vote yes.

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs) Prevention
"Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers were shown to be an important risk factor associated with mortality," per Dr. Courtney Lyder, of the UCLA School of Nursing. "It is incumbent upon hospitals to identify individuals at high risk for these ulcers and implement preventive interventions immediately upon admission." Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores often occurs when patients have limited mobility and unable to reposition themselves in bed causing injury caused by pressure, friction and
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In addition to identification and prevention, there are products that can be used in order to prevent occurrence of HAPUs. The purpose of this project is to implement use of foam dressing called Mepilex Border proven to help prevent pressure ulcers when used in addition to the prevention protocols by redistributing pressure, reducing friction, and providing an optimal microclimate. It combines antimicrobial action of ionic silver with soft silicone adhesive providing healing and reduced pain (Barrett, 2009). Mepilex dressing can be repositioned after skin assessment making it easy to assess the wounds without need for reapplying new dressing after each assessment.
The Target Population or Audience
This report is presented as coordinated multidisciplinary approach. Persons involved would be representatives from board of directors, Materials Management, Physician and a Quality and Improvement team. Purpose of the presentation is to implement use of Mepilex Border Dressing throughout the hospital in order to prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers.
According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), 90% of all pressure ulcer related hospitalizations are due to secondary pressure ulcer diagnosis, 72% of patients are 65years or older and about 60,000 patients die each year as a result of a pressure ulcer. Some states legislation has declared secondary pressure ulcer as elderly abuse not covered by malpractice insurance. Fluid and

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