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Marketing Plan:
Adidas AG

Taylor Fjeldheim
Principles of Marketing

Executive Summary

Adidas AG sells sports shoes, apparel, and equipment in 170 different countries. There focus lies in football, soccer, basketball, running, training gear, golf, and apparel. This is a two billion dollar industry and with Adidas being a main cog. They also specialize in lifestyle goods including SLVR and Y-3 fashion brands. They have trademarked their three-striped logo that has become a global symbol of sporting excellence. They are the #2 sporting goods manufacturer behind only NIKE. Adidas’ main market is the footwear manufacturing industry. Research and development is what gives Adidas a competitive advantage. They focus many
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Thus began one of the most intense rivalries in Europe. Aggressive publicity became one of the cornerstones of Adi Dasslers corporate policy (Adidas 2012). He came up with a product innovation for every major event, documenting the superiority of Adidas footwear.

Current Size, Growth, Profitability

With the global recession starting in 2009, Adidas saw one of its most challenging years of the decade as consumers spent less (Hoover 2012). The company logged a 53% drop in operating profit. Its biggest sales dips were among its wholesale (69% of revenue) and Other Business (12% of sales) segments, offset by an increase in retail (19% of its revenue) on the back of new store openings. In 2010 the company streamlined operations and reorganized reporting segments but still took a hit to net income due to the high costs of launching new products.


Adidas is a globally recognized brand. In terms of finances and sales they are the #2 sporting goods manufacturer, only behind NIKE. In terms of reputation many argue they are at the peak of the industry. They hold true to quality products and innovative designs.



Adidas AG has many product lines. In addition to the Footwear Manufacturing industry they also compete in apparel manufacturing, sporting goods manufacturing, and gold equipment manufacturing. The focus is on football, soccer, basketball, running, golf, and training gear and apparel as well as
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