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Executive Summary of the Joint Commission changes that are need: Nightingale Community Hospital has been increasing their safety standards in all three general categories, Conduct a pre-procedure verification process, mark the procedure site and a time-out is performed before the procedure over the past year. Nightingale Community Hospital’s value for safety states: “We believe that excellence begins with providing safe environment. We put our patients first as we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers with superior service, outstanding clinical care and unsurpassed responsiveness.” To reach this goal there is always more that can be done. Based on the safety reports several areas need to be looked at: Hospital-wide…show more content…
Along with Verbal Orders/Read-Backs the unacceptable abbreviations this area is of concern because the only part that is not within standards is the “U” (which is used to abbreviate unit) which actually increased from 17% to 63%. This is very alarming because the units of medications that the patient is receives is very import to the treatment if not life threatening. When the nursing staff cannot understand the orders they have to take time away from patient care to get clarification from the Doctor. This is not always a timely process The hospital policy of abbreviations is that no abbreviations are to be used when writing orders. The “U” for unit is specifically mentioned as not acceptable. In order to correct this along with avoiding any other abbreviations I recommend that we have our order form re-designed along with all the order paper work. The re-design will have the word NO ABBRIVATIONS ARE EXCEPT. This will help remind those writing the orders to fill them out correctly. The nursing staff needs to understand that when they receive orders they should quickly review them looking for any abbreviations and have the Doctor correct them. If the nursing staff feels that there is a problem with any of the Doctors they need to bring that to the attention of their Department Head to help resolve the issue. References National patient safety goal data: Communication. In (2012). Nightingale Cumminity Hospital Site

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