Executive Summary : Fletcher Building Essay

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Executive summary: fletcher building is a leading infrastructure and building materials manufacturer and general construction. They began their company in 1909 with the construction of a timber weatherboard house in Dunedin, NZ. The head office of the company is in Penrose, Auckland. The company is very big and there are near about 18,800 employees are working globally. Fletcher Building Limited announced a new organization structure and changes in several executive leadership roles. The changes follow an ongoing review of the business portfolio and business performance management. Under the new organization structure, business units will be combined to better align product and service offerings to customers. As a result, there will be a reduced number of larger business units, and these will provide each General Manager with the critical mass to benefit from economies of scale, further invest in people capabilities, and deploy greater resources in product innovation and customer service. The fletcher company will build 191 new houses in Christchurch.
Ans. External situation analysis:

Market The main consideration of the fletcher building company is to take big projects like hospitals, universities’ building, business buildings, bridges etc. it will help them to connect with more big projects and they can also expand their business in the New Zealand and as
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