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Executive Summary
Company Overview
Goodyear tires have been around since 1898. They originated in Akron, Ohio. They not only manufacture vehicles tires, but it manufactures racing, trucking and aircraft fleet tires. They are a publicly traded company. Over the last 60 years they have managed to become multinational. They are in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. They also have a subsidiary in Mexico. Goodyear received the highest significant honor, they were was named the world’s most admired company in the motor vehicle part industry by Fortune magazine. Goodyear strives to make great products and give excellent service, so they can be the consumer’s ideal choice.
Global Expansion
Goodyear is the
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The tire industry is working on making factories automated through each process. With these advancements tire retailers are realizing that this can help the bottom line.
Charles Goodyear was a man of determination, He dedicated most of this life to creating vulcanized rubber it is more or less a moldable and water-resistant rubber. He received is patent in 1844 for his invention.
With the invention of Charles Goodyear’s special rubber which was used to make footwear and tires, came the company named after him, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
Back in 1898, Frank Seiberling created, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. It is based in Akron, Ohio.
One of the biggest ratifications Goodyear had in the 1900’s, was when Ford started equipping their Model T with Goodyear Tires.
In the 1920’s. They started designing airships and observation balloons for the US Arm during WWI. They opened their first joint project with German Luffschiffbau Zepplin.. With great revel, they recognized as the largest rubber company in the world. They became public on the New York Stock exchange. They purchased their competitor Kelly-Springfield. During WWII, they were amidst the top 30 in wartime production contracts.
In 194o’s, they opened a subsidiary in Mexico, they started initial construction on their synthetic rubber pilot plant. They celebrated their 50th anniversary. In 1950’s, they constructed a sales company in Tokyo, new tire

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