Executive Summary: H&M Conscious Actions and Sustainability Report 2011

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H&M Conscious Actions and Sustainability Report 2011:
Executive Summary
This report was completed to focus on multi-national retail company, H&M, and their quest for producing high-quality production while aiming to achieve sustainability and environmentally conscious goals. H&M is valued for their quality fashion while still providing affordability to consumers. They partake business in 43 different countries on 4 separate continents and have about 8.7 million Facebook fans as of 2011. With such widespread recognition and success internationally, H&M serves as a leading example for competing retailers to follow. H&M has made it their mission to provide consumers with the best products by engaging in conscious actions,
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Some major substances that have been banned include: fluorocarbons, solvent-based polyurethane, and toluene. Shoes and shopping bags are primarily created with the help of adhesives. H&M has transitioned away from solvent-based adhesive solutions and now uses water-based adhesive for it’s much safer nature. 100% of shopping bags and about 2.4 million shoes have been made with this safe alternative. Producing denim is a very water-intensive process and H&M is constantly working to prevent excess usage globally. New processes have made an impact in saving about 300 million liters of water just in 2011 alone. Other improved practices with denim production include the ban of sandblasting, which is a way to create a distressed appearance on the jean. This technique isn’t a viable decision because of the safety risks it can ensue for factory workers, but nevertheless, manual scraping and laser treatment has taken its place. It’s imperative to recognize the working conditions and rights of those employed in both near and far areas of the world. Without the ethical treatment and consideration for workers, H&M could not be a success. H&M supports fair wages for all factory workers and issues a Fair Wage assessment of their suppliers in order to target wage practices. Bangladesh is one of the primary countries H&M performs business

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