Executive Summary : Hurray Airlines

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REPORT HURRAY AIRLINES DIRECTOR OF CUSTOMER SERVICES Ankitha Pati 15/03/2015 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Airline industry is quite a competitive industry especially on the price point. HURRAH airlines based in JFK Airport in New York being a budget airline company, it sells tickets at a highly competitive price. The airlines is able to achieve this as it charges extra for services like seat allocation, priority boarding, inflight services like food, etc. Despite customers paying a very low fare, their expectations are high. The lower cost of tickets puts a pressure on the company to keep their operating costs low. This poses a problem in meeting the customer expectations. Hence the company receives complaints seeking resolution. These complaints need to be analysed and offer solutions to the customers’ satisfaction according to the problems. INTRODUCTION This report contains: Martha Gómez complaint Robert MacKenzie complaint Jacques Duperrier complaint Krystyna Kaminski complaint via Fax Kirk Danson complaint MAIN FINDINGS 1. This complaint is from Martha Gómez who has flown from New York to London. Her complaint is about a lost suitcase. Her suitcase is missing from the baggage claim. Though this was reported to the company, there was no response from the company. It is the responsibility of the company to take care of the passenger’s luggage and is part of the regular operations and does not

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