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Executive summary This report provided the general information such as, meaning, detailed information on the board of director also the meaning restructuring the operation to decrease the cost and operational consultant, who able to improve the business also using the example of LP Pty Ltd (LP) company, where is made up of six individual directors (Andy, Brain, Chris, David, Evan and Faith) who have different degrees and experiences. Because of the difference, it able impacts the business. If they can work together and aware of their duties, the business able to remain. However, if they do not work together and be honest with their duties. That way finally, the business faced with losing lots of money. Also, this report provided some…show more content…
Meaning and the basic duties and responsibilities of the most directors are: In accordance with business dictionary writes, "governing body (called the board) of an incorporated firm. Its members (directors) are elected normally by the subscribers (stockholders) of the firm (generally at an annual general meeting or AGM) to govern the firm and look after the subscribers ' interests". The responsibilities of the board of director firstly, defining the purposes and procedures, which are the part of the company 's strategy and compliance because the purpose encourages the company to reach the goals step-by-step. Secondly, the director should monitor the progress during an achievement of those purposes and procedures. Thirdly, senior management is also appointed, hired, monitored, evaluated and fired by the directors (the member of the board include senior called inside directors or executive directors. Fourthly, determining and paying the dividend. Lastly, responsible with the activities of the company that relevant many parties. The effective characteristics of the board members are: There are four parts that can explain the effective member of the board, in terms of general, governance, ambassador, and consultant. Firstly, general. The member of the board of director should happily to give their time on the

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