Executive Summary : Meijer Inc. Essay

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Executive Summary Meijer Inc. is considered as one of the largest superstore chains in the United States, and is among the top 30 private companies in the world in terms of revenue. The annual revenue of Meijer has increased to $16.1 billion as per its annual revenue for the fiscal year 2016. Meijer operates 223 stores with more than 68,000 team members that work directly for the company. All the Meijer stores are concentrated into six U.S. states, which include Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This averages out to 280 team members per store. It has been assessed that Meijer is facing a lot of operational challenges due to decreased employee efficiency. The increased number of complaints reveals the wastage of resources, wastage of time, and lower productivity of employees. Also, holding large amount of inventory is another problem that is faced by the management of Meijer. Accordingly, four key constraints were identified, which refer to improper training of employees, and lack of empowerment of store managers, poor retailer supplier-collaboration, and rigid working hours of employees. The four lean service techniques recommended to overcome these problems are inclined towards training of employees, empowerment of store managers, enhanced retailer-supplier collaboration, and scheduling flexible working hours of employees, respectively. The cost and additional revenue generated has been calculated to determine the return on investment as well as

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